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You are such a great photographer! I especially like the shot of her with the P.O. boxes and earring.

-Butch Maier

Randy Thomas

wow, great photos hun. Have a great week.


Katelyn, you are SO talented!! I can't get over it :) One day can I study under you?!? That's gonna be a new life goal of mine!


seriously katelyn.....you have a gift. these pictures are amazing!

sarah brawley

you really are an amazing photographer. wow. it's incredible what you can do. PLEASE HIT ME up with all or atleast one of my photos. I know you are going through a lot with michael leaving so if this is a uber bad time. don't worry about it i really don't need them. but for my myspace i would like to have them. if you know how to do graphic design stuff for myspace i would love you maybe to do that too- for my page. heheh I LOVE K-JAMES

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